While Glasstower is in the beta period it is priced lower than normal, as features are added the price will increase, so now is the ideal time to get on board while the price is lower

Plans & Pricing

Coming soon

Pricing FAQ

What does 3 licenses mean?
When you purchase Glasstower you will receive 3 license keys that can be used on any machine running Windows, MacOS or Linux, including a combination of those. So you can have it running on a desktop and 2 laptops at the same time for example.
What happens if I reinstall
Your license is attached to a machine id which is connected to your install. If you re-install your machine ID will change. You will need to contact us to clear the previous machine id. We hope in future to automate this process.
How is my data stored?
You data is encrypted at rest with industry standard AES-256